Why do we still have pizza, writes Jairam Ramesh

The Indian food movement has been in the spotlight for a while now.

It has gone from being seen as an anomaly to being a staple of many of our daily routines.

In fact, it is now part of the everyday food that we take for granted.

But a new survey conducted by the food and beverage research company IAB reveals that we still haven’t learned the most important lesson from this movement.

In the survey, we asked respondents about their experiences of pizza as a staple food and their opinions on its quality.

Here are the results:1.

It is good for your healthThe research conducted by IAB, which surveyed 1,000 adults across India, found that people prefer pizza as part of their meals.

They also reported higher levels of positive emotions and self-confidence when eating pizza than when eating food that is otherwise similar.


It tastes good and you don’t have to be good at making itThe research also showed that people who eat pizza prefer it over other pizza-based dishes like chicken, fish, vegetables and sweets.

But what makes it a hit is that it is not as bad for you as other pizza options like ice cream, cakes and ice cream sundaes.

This means that you can eat it in the same way as you would a standard pizza and enjoy its flavors.3.

It isn’t as bad as it soundsThe study also showed how much people preferred pizza over other food options.

In the survey of 1,003 adults, only 38 per cent said they preferred pizza when compared to a standard meal.

But if you eat pizza regularly, the number of respondents who preferred pizza more than any other food option went up to 65 per cent.4.

It doesn’t require much preparationThe survey also showed some of the more common challenges people face when making pizza.

One of the most common problems that people said they faced was that they had to prepare their pizza.

A majority of respondents said that when they have a problem with preparation, they need to ask their friends to help.5.

You can have a pizza for almost anythingThis is the third survey done by Iab that revealed that people are willing to eat pizza on a regular basis even when it is cold outside.

People also said that it isn’t necessary to have pizza for a given meal to enjoy it.6.

It can be a great source of proteinThe survey was also able to show that people don’t want pizza to be an everyday meal.

The majority of people said that pizza is more important when compared with other meals that are also consumed.7.

It’s easy to makeIt is also easier to make pizza than most other meals, the study revealed.

In contrast, it took two people to make a pizza from scratch, while a third of respondents had to work with an experienced pizza chef.8.

You’ll never have a bad pizzaAgain, it has been shown that most people prefer pizzas that are made from scratch.

However, in a survey done last year, a majority of the respondents didn’t even think about making pizza from fresh produce.9.

It goes well with other dishesYou can have pizza and other foods made from it without any problems, but you might not always want to share pizza with your friends or family.

This is because the food becomes more important as time goes on and you will have to cook more food for it to stay fresh.10.

It won’t cause a bad tasteThe survey showed that most respondents said they would never eat pizza that was made with salt, pepper or other spices.

It also showed a high number of people who would never make their own pizza.

This also comes in contrast to other foods that are considered to be healthier when they are cooked at home.

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