Why are pizza restaurants popping up all over Europe?

As more pizza joints open up in Europe, and as more pizzerias move into the U.S., it seems that pizza has become a bit of a national pastime. 

But while pizza is still seen as a specialty pizza in many countries, the popularity of other food and drink has led to a rise in the popularity and ubiquity of the pizza in some of those places.

As the food scene has grown in Europe over the last decade, so has the popularity, both in the U, and worldwide, of pizza, according to the new book “What We Eat.”

According to the book, the trend has taken off in the last 10 years.

“People have started to eat more of it,” said Stefano Gattis, a chef and owner of a pizzeria in Rome called Dominickís Pizza.

“They’re eating more cheese, and they’re eating a lot more meat, too.”

Pizza has a long history in the world.

The origins of the word “pizza” date back to the early 1300s, when the Romans began to make their pizza.

The word pizza derives from the Latin word “pella,” which means “small piece of dough.”

Pizza is one of the earliest forms of pizza in history, as well as one of its most popular.

But over the years, the pizza has come under fire for its high fat content, high salt content, and the fact that it contains high amounts of sugar.

When Gattes opened his first restaurant in Rome in 2003, he was horrified by the number of health concerns that plagued the Italian cuisine.

The pizza was made from a combination of ground beef, pork, and lamb.

And, like other ingredients in the pizza, it was high in saturated fat, which can cause heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Gattises’ pizza became the poster child for the health concerns of the era.

He decided to open his own restaurant in the city of Rome, and opened his own pizza parlor in 2004.

Today, there are hundreds of pizzerios across Europe, including some in Italy, Spain, and France.

In Italy, there have been more than 40 million pizzeria opening their doors in the past 10 years, according the company that runs them, Sarpinos.

In the U., there are more than 700 pizza joints.

Pizza is also a staple in many European countries, including the U

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