When the US Open opens, you’re going to love it

The US Open will kick off on Monday, and it will be the biggest sporting event in the world, with about three million people attending.

But what about the food?

The opening of the US’s first big sporting event is a bit like a “food war” as a new generation of foodies and gastronomes is being forced to compete with the same crowd as a few years ago.

That means some foodies will be getting ready to eat their lunch in front of an audience that will have to contend with the food at the top of the event.

And it’s not just the food that’s being sacrificed: there are going to be foodies who will want to watch the competition from a different perspective, in case they want to make a more informed decision about what to eat at a venue that is already famous for its food.

But first, let’s take a look at some food trends that could impact the USOpen.

The Top Picks and Stomach Sizing of the First 100 People The first 100 people to enter the USOC will be given the option to choose between four options for their dinner menu: a la carte or a sandwich.

It’s a first for the US, and is expected to be a big deal.

The US has not hosted a major sporting event at the venue since it opened in 1992, but that’s starting to change this year.

In 2015, the US hosted its first major sporting events at The Venetian in Las Vegas, and this year’s opening will be held in Atlanta.

As you can see in the chart below, the menu at the USO will be very different from what we’ve seen at the Venetians.

The American food scene is becoming more diverse as the first 100 have been asked to choose from a limited number of menu options.

For example, if the first 400 people to register for the opening are given the choice between the two menu options, they will be able to choose the sandwich, which will have a $25 bill and will be available for $2.49, or the la carta option, which includes two $25 bills and a $6.49 drink.

It seems like a great deal, but there’s also a bit of a problem with the $2 and $6 drinks.

The La Carta option is the most popular one, with more than 2 million people coming in to take advantage of the $4 price tag.

However, that $4 per drink is also the most expensive at the opening.

That $4 is likely to become the standard price for all drinks in the venue once the first 500 people arrive, so if you’re worried about paying more than the $3.99 per bottle of Budweiser and ordering your first order of the day, don’t worry.

The bar will also be open to serve $1 drinks, but the menu will only have a few of them, so it’s best to be prepared for the extra charge.

If you’re looking for a cheap meal at the first US Open, you might want to go with the La Carte option, but be aware that it might take longer than expected for the food to arrive.

There will also likely be a lot of people at the event who are hungry and want to get some food before the event opens, so make sure you know where you’re headed before you enter the venue.

The second option will be served in the lobby area where you’ll see a selection of menu items, but you won’t be able see all of them because the menu is limited.

If that’s your thing, the options will be all available to you at the table in the middle of the venue, but it’s also important to note that the tables in the front of the building will be a little bit smaller.

The food is also limited in size.

If your main priority is to eat something that you’ll actually enjoy, the La Plata menu option will probably be your only option.

However if you don’t have a lot to do during the day or want something that will last you longer than an hour, the Menu option might be your best bet.

If it’s a Friday, it’s probably better to opt for the La La Menu option, as that will include a choice of the three courses, including the “french bistro” option.

The third option is a little different from the others.

It includes the two-course menu option, with the three course option available to only a select few.

The menu is available at the main dining room, but not on the tables around the venue area.

You can choose from the French bistros, or if you’d like to try a different option, there are also three choices in the lounge area.

If, on the other hand, you want to eat a good meal on the street, the two courses are available.

There’s also the option of a

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