When ‘Bella’ went down: The last word on her comeback

The last time we heard from the New York City restaurant owner who made a national sensation with her pizza, the words were not good ones.

After an epic battle with pancreatic cancer, “Bella” has been in remission for over two years. 

While she still doesn’t have a full return on her time in the spotlight, she’s now found a new role, playing the role of the restaurant’s “B” waitress, in an upcoming film called “Pizza Bellas.” 

In this behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Blla,” we got the inside scoop on how she and the cast made the decision to cast her in the role. 

Here are some highlights from our conversation. 

When did you know “Belli” was going to return?

When I was writing the script, we were thinking about the last few episodes of season four, but when the script came out, we knew it was going back to the beginning of the season. 

Was it a decision you made by yourself, or did you have someone else help?

I had a person with me who did all the cooking, but I also had a lot of help in the process.

We had a bunch of different people on set, from the producers, to the cast, to my brother who was the director of photography. 

Did you know you were playing the waitress before filming began?

I was working as a waitress and the show had come out so early, I was excited to be on set and do what I love.

I had already done it before. 

What was your favorite part of filming?

I think the part that I love the most was getting to see all of my friends, family and friends from the outside world come out and get to see what it was like to be a celebrity chef.

We all had to be like, “What do we do?” and have to say, “It’s a joke.” 

Was there anything you were nervous about?

When you’re going to be doing a film and have people come up to you and say hello, it’s a little bit scary.

I think I was nervous, but luckily, I have a friend who was in the restaurant and I was able to make it work. 

Can you share a little about your experience working on “Bells”?

I was on set for six days straight.

When I got off the set, we had the food trucks and a lot more food trucks lined up, but there was not a lot to do except eat, drink and talk.

We actually got to work for about a week straight. 

How did you feel about playing the restaurant waitress?

I knew it would be a challenge, but we had a good time doing it. 

Is there a specific reason you went into this role?

When it came to the food truck scene, we wanted to make sure we had someone who was experienced in it.

I went in knowing that I had to take my time with this part and be as comfortable as I could. 

Are you confident you’ll be able to keep your composure throughout the film?

Absolutely, I know that I will.

I’m still nervous and I have to be careful.

I feel confident in my ability to do it.

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