What to expect from Rosati’s Pizza at the Ritz Carlton in Melbourne

Ritz Melbourne will celebrate its fifth birthday this week and will be celebrating a big year in its new and iconic location.

The Ritz will host a number of events and celebrations this year including the release of a new beer and the arrival of a brand new pizza.

The first-ever Rosati was first introduced in 2015, and since then, it has been the standard for Italian pizzas and a staple in the Italian cuisine of many parts of the world.

With Rosati on the menu, Melbourne’s biggest dining venue is offering a unique take on Italian food.

The iconic venue will be making a splash this year and will celebrate the release with a few new and exciting additions.

First of all, Rosati will be offering a brand-new pizza on Friday July 17.

The restaurant will be open for dinner and then open for pizza and pasta at lunchtime.

Rosati is also planning to add two new signature pizza items this year, which will be the first two pizzas in the restaurant’s history to be gluten-free.

The two pizzerias will be named Pizza Rama and Pizza Rondo, which are based on the Italian word for ‘Rama’.

Pizza Ramas are a variation of the classic Rama pizza that uses a tomato, basil, and olive oil crust with a crust made from fresh mozzarella, basil and a tomato sauce.

The crust is then baked in a oven at 350 degrees Celsius.

It will be topped with fresh mozarella, olive oil and pepperoni.

Pizza Rondos are a variant of the original Rama, but this time with a different tomato sauce and basil sauce.

Rosato’s Pizza Roma will be served on a pizza crust that is cooked to a temperature of 350 degrees C and topped with the Italian classic.

Pizza Redondo will be made from a fresh mozo sauce, basil sauce and pepperoncini and topped off with a fresh pizza crust.

The new pizza will be released on Friday, July 25 and will only be available at the venue until Monday, August 1.

The pizza will include a selection of four different toppings, including a sauce made from the original tomato sauce with a special sauce made with basil, basil tomato, and basil cheese.

The name Pizza Rami will be added to the menu and will include the words ‘Rami’, ‘Rosati’ and ‘Rondo’. 

This is the second Rosati Pizza in Australia, with Rosati also making the rounds in Melbourne and Sydney in recent years. 

Rosa’s Pizza has been in business since 1996 and has become synonymous with Italian food in Melbourne.

Rosatis have been a part of Melbourne’s Italian community for decades and have been serving their unique dishes to guests for over 50 years.

The Rosati name was chosen as a tribute to the Italian artist Raffaello Rosati who was a member of the famous Italian family.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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