“They don’t want you to eat this!” – ‘The Faz’ fans respond to Fazbears’ pizza

A Reddit user is sharing his experience of the Fazbears pizza at McDonalds, which he says is “not the best” he’s had in the last few years.

“My pizza arrived and it was not good.

It was not the best.

It looked terrible and tasted horrible,” the user, who goes by the name Redbeard, posted on the popular Reddit forum.

“I ordered two, and they were not the same.”

The user said he asked for a medium-sized pizza, which was not included.

He then went to the restaurant’s drive-thru and asked for fries and an extra-large one, which the manager refused to serve.

He asked for them again, but the manager said they were out of fries and couldn’t be served, he wrote.

The manager then called the police, but was unable to find any food.

“They just don’t care if you’re a faz or a bear, they just want you eat that thing,” Redbeard said.

The McDonalds employee has since posted a picture of the fries and the large one on her Facebook page.

“The manager came in to the drive-Thru and said they didn’t have any food, they were all out of food, so they just didn’t want me to eat there,” Redman wrote.

“It took me about 2 minutes to make my order and I paid with a credit card.

The man didn’t even give me a receipt.”

The employee is also facing disciplinary action from McDonalds.

“We are working with our franchise to take steps to prevent this from happening again, and will take any appropriate action to hold accountable those who break the restaurant food rules,” the McDonalds spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

“McDonalds is committed to serving our customers and the environment that surrounds us, and has taken steps to ensure that our food is made to our highest standards, and that the customer service is aboveboard and fair.”

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