The most hated NBA team in the US

New York Knicks’ star Anthony Davis is known as the most hated player in the NBA.

But as the NBA playoffs have shown, Davis can do some damage as well.

A look at the top 10 hate-filled players.1.

Anthony Davis (Brooklyn Nets)Davis is one of the NBA’s most hated players.

He’s a divisive figure in the league, and has been for a while.

He has been criticized for his controversial remarks, his public attacks on fans and even his own teammates.

But the fact that he’s such a divisive character, he’s been known to be a bully and he’s a bully on the court.

Davis is the top offender of this list, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

He also has the third-most hate-favorable rating of any player, trailing only LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Davis is known for his bullying and has a history of being a big guy.

The Nets’ second-year player, who is 6-foot-9, has been fined and suspended by the league twice.

Davis has also been suspended twice for domestic violence.

Davis’ antics have also hurt his career.

His record of three suspensions for the past two seasons is the second-most in the past 20 years.

His average of 1.1 ejections per game ranks him 24th among players in the last 20 years, behind only LeBron.

Davis’ three-game suspension for violating the league’s domestic violence policy in 2016 has been rescinded.2.

Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers)The Blazers star guard is one the most popular NBA players.

His reputation is not just a result of his public persona, but also his performance on the basketball court.

Lillard’s numbers are high, but he’s also known for using his big frame to intimidate opponents.

He made headlines in February when he punched a woman during a game.

Lager’s actions drew a verbal warning from the league.

His suspension for his latest incident was reduced to one game, meaning he’ll likely play in the next three games.

Lach’s record of seven ejections since his rookie season are the second most in the previous 20 years behind Kobe Bryant.3.

Andrew Bogut (Los Angeles Lakers)The veteran guard was suspended for one game after pleading guilty to assault charges stemming from an incident in October.

He was also fined $25,000.

Bogut is the highest-rated player in this list of hate-driven players.

It’s unclear if Bogut will play this season, but his suspension has been reduced to three games and he’ll not be eligible to play in March.4.

Isaiah Thomas (Atlanta Hawks)Thomas is one half of the duo of the Atlanta Hawks.

Thomas has been one of basketball’s top players over the last decade.

He is an All-Star in 2014 and the best player in NBA history in 2017.

But it appears Thomas has also alienated a significant amount of fans with his public comments.

He used the N-word multiple times in the 2016 playoffs and has also called other NBA players racist.

In the past, Thomas has used the word “faggot” when discussing a player.

The Hawks have won the last three titles with Thomas.5.

Kobe Bryant (Los.

Lakers)Bryant’s reputation is also not always what fans think of.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ star is known to engage in public displays of anger and frustration.

The Lakers won two championships with Bryant.

However, his recent public comments have caused an outcry among fans and critics alike.

Bryant was fined $15,000 by the NBA for his outburst in the 2017 playoffs.

The former MVP has been suspended for the last two games of the 2017 season for violating league rules.6.

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)Curry has been a huge star in the Golden State Warriors’ lineup since the team was formed in 2008.

His fame has been growing and he has made the list because of his role as one of NBA’s top leaders.

Curry has also drawn negative attention for comments about black people, the media and his team.

Curry is on the league sanctions list for his domestic violence incident in March 2017.7.

Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder)The Oklahoma City Thunder star is not known for taking on any of his fans.

Durant’s reputation has been in decline over the past several years, but has not been affected by his public tirades.

Durant is on probation for the 2016 incident in which he sucker-punched a woman in the stands.

He had to miss the remainder of the season.8.

Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks)The Mavs’ star forward is a big man with the size and athleticism to dominate a game in any way possible.

He may be a physical presence on the floor, but there are plenty of people who appreciate his personality.

Nowitzkis recent comments about people of color are particularly damaging.

He called a black woman a “monkey” during the 2017 NBA All-Stars game,

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