Pizza is the best food in America, according to a new survey

Pizza is by far the most popular food in the US.

More than 50% of people polled in a recent USA Today survey said they enjoyed eating pizza, and many said they’d never had it before.

“It’s like a new, magical food,” said Mikey Bielawski, a 31-year-old who owns Pizza Pizza, a restaurant in Dallas.

“People say pizza is so good and the taste is amazing.

But it’s just pizza,” he added.”

The only thing that really matters is the quality.”

In fact, according for the first time in the survey, Americans actually rated pizza as their most favorite food of all.

The survey, conducted by the US Census Bureau, asked people how they felt about their own health and diet, and whether they ate enough vegetables and fruits.

It also asked people about their favourite foods and food trends.

“In general, the people who eat pizza the most are the ones who are in their 50s and older, people who have a lot of exercise and people who live in cities,” said Bielawksi.

“So those are the people with the highest numbers of pizza eating.”

The survey also asked Americans about their perceptions of their own physical appearance.

The results showed Americans generally thought that most women had a thin face, and men tended to have a thicker face.

The researchers also asked participants how they would rate their health and the quality of their diet, including whether they were regular exercisers and what exercise they did.

Americans rated their own body image as highly favorable, while those who said they were overweight were less likely to rate their body image.

And Americans also thought pizza was their favorite food, and were slightly more likely to say that pizza was a “must-have”.

The survey found that Americans were generally satisfied with their health, with about one-third saying they were “very satisfied” and about a third saying they “satisfied”.

And they were about evenly split on the quality and taste of pizza.

But Americans were somewhat more likely than people in other developed countries to say pizza was not their favourite food.

More than half of Americans said they liked pizza but were not sure how to make it, and about 10% said they could never make it at home.

And about 8% of Americans didn’t know how to properly prepare pizza, while nearly half of people in Canada and the UK said they did not know how.

“We were surprised by the lack of knowledge among the American public,” said Chris Sorensen, an associate professor of political science at Arizona State University and the survey’s lead author.

“I think it is important to be aware of the issues and issues that are driving this.

It’s not that we’re talking about a new phenomenon, we’re just talking about the general American population.”

This is a new problem that we have, and we’re starting to understand how it might play out.

“He added that there are many factors behind Americans’ perception of pizza as a favorite food.”

Some of the food that is in people’s minds is based on a very positive image of pizza, so if pizza is viewed positively, people will likely be more likely and also be more willing to eat it,” Soressen said.”

But there are also a lot more negative perceptions of pizza.

And pizza may be a big problem for the US health system. “

People don’t want to be overweight and they don’t like to exercise, so it’s very difficult to eat healthy pizza.”

And pizza may be a big problem for the US health system.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than half the people it studies suffer from a “high prevalence of diabetes and obesity” in the United States.

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