How New York City Police Use ‘Pizza Cop’ Video to Arrest Robbers Source MTV News title New York Police Use Pizza Cop Video to Impersonate Robbers

New York police have become increasingly adept at using video to impersonate burglars.

In the past few months, they’ve been using the tool to bust suspected burglars in a way that’s not entirely obvious.

New York State police say they have been able to identify at least 50 burglars with videos showing them stealing or taking things from their homes, but they’ve also been able successfully to identify many more.

In fact, the department has recorded a total of 13 instances of people breaking into their homes and stealing things.

In those cases, police said they have recovered “lots of stuff” including jewelry, cash, electronics, cameras, and even guns.

But in other instances, police say their efforts to track down the culprits have yielded nothing.

In one instance, officers used the video to track a suspected burglar who had fled after a home invasion.

“It’s been a pretty good job by them, and we hope it continues to be,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters.

“We are very proud of what we’ve done.”

One of the departments most famous videos, for instance, was posted to YouTube in 2014 after a man was caught breaking into a house while wearing a mask and using a walkie-talkie.

Police in the video, which has now been viewed nearly 14 million times, used a “pizza cop” to track him down and stop him.

That pizza cop was soon arrested, and the police department was able to locate and arrest him in New York.

“He was a really good pizza cop,” Kelly said.

“And I think it’s because of that video that we were able to do it in New Jersey, and it’s also what allowed us to arrest a suspect.”

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