Greek pizza has been a hit in India for years, and now it’s back in the spotlight as Indian tourists flock to Tino’s pizza restaurant in New Delhi.

Greeks, Italian and Indian restaurants have been offering pizza for decades, and in India it is considered a national delicacy.

But the new wave of tourists is making it a hit with tourists.

Tino’s is one of the best pizzerias in India.

And the pizza is sold out of the restaurant.

So why did they go to all this trouble?

“We had to do something,” said Shubhudu Srivastava, co-owner of Tino Pizza.

The restaurant has been serving Indian food for over a decade, but it only opened recently.

The restaurant is one among many pizza parlours across the country catering to tourists.

And it has been one of Toni’s best sellers, as tourists flock here to eat and try the fresh food.

“In India, pizza is seen as a national dish.

So I guess that was a bit of a risk,” said Srivacava.

Toni’s is known for serving a variety of food, from grilled meats to salads, which are the mainstay of Indian restaurants.

The menu also includes traditional pizza, salads and meatloaf.TINO’SON PIZZE TOTINOS IN INDIA TONI’S RISE TO INTERNATIONAL DEBUTSTino Pizza, a popular Greek and Italian pizza chain, has come to India for the first time, offering a wide range of pizza in Indian restaurants and shops.

In the last five years, the chain has become one of India’s best-known pizza chains.

But it has also become a target for tourists who flock to India to indulge in the cuisine.

“The number of tourists who come to this country, particularly during the summer season, is very high.

So we’ve decided to bring this to India.

This is a great opportunity for us to expand our footprint in India,” said Toni Pizza founder Shubhar Kumar.

The chain has also expanded its menu to include pizza for all tastes, including the Indian diet.

“Our pies have become popular across the world.

So the trend is for tourists to visit Indian restaurants,” he said.”

We were trying to attract tourists with the pizzas.

The quality of the food was high and the menu was very extensive,” said Vasant Prasad, a restaurant owner from Tamil Nadu.

But some of the restaurants had already opened and were not catering to Indian customers.

The Indian food was not good enough for them.

“I tried a few pizzas at the restaurant and it was just terrible.

So, I asked my wife, why are you making pizzas like that?

It’s not worth the money,” Prasam said.

But the Indian restaurant owners who were against Toni were not satisfied.

“We are proud of the work we have done.

The food was good, but I thought the pizza tasted like it was made from cheese and not dough.

The ingredients were not good and they were not suitable for Indian cooking,” said the owner of a popular restaurant, Vasant Nandini.

The owners of other popular Indian restaurants are also unhappy.

“Indian food is not as good as other places in India and the quality of food is too poor,” said Prasal Nandani, owner of the Indian Pizza Restaurant in New Bangalore.

The owners of the two most popular Indian pizzeras in Bangalore have already decided to close their establishments in the coming months.TINA DELITAS PIZZZA IS BACK IN INDIASTINIANS LOVE FOR PIZZIERS is a big part of TINO’TONIC’S success.

The chain has more than 3,000 restaurants in India, and many of them have been serving pizza for years.

But now it is a national food.

“As we have reached out to more and more people in India we were able to expand beyond our original market.

We are now a global company and can cater to every taste,” said Kumar.TINO’S FOUR OTHER RESTAURANTS IN INDIAN CHANDIGARHThe restaurant, which is a part of a chain that includes Toni and Tonic Pizza, is a major hit in the Indian market.

“Tino is one the best restaurants in the country.

They are the best Indian restaurant in the world,” said Anup Kumar, CEO of the Kerala-based Indian Pizza Company.

“In the last few years, Tino has become the most popular pizza in India because it has a good quality of pizza.

But we did not have the luxury of making the pizzazza for our customers in India so we were forced to go abroad,” he added.

The Indian chain also has four other restaurants

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