B.C. pizza delivery drivers’ union to sue over contract breach

The union representing pizza delivery workers is calling for an independent investigation into a contract breach by a Vancouver pizza delivery company that includes a promise of wages and benefits for employees who don’t deliver a pizza within 24 hours.

The Union of Pizza Delivery Workers is asking for an investigation into the company’s contract with the union-represented delivery workers union, which it said was signed by owner John T. Wilson in 2015.

“It’s a blatant breach of contract,” said Mike Karp, the national president of the union.

“And the drivers are not getting what they paid for, and it’s not just the drivers who are suffering.”

The company’s CEO, Doug Brown, said he was unaware of the breach until contacted by CBC News last month.

Wilson was hired by Pizza Delivery Canada, the union said.

Wilson’s lawyer said he would not comment on the matter because of the ongoing litigation.

Karp said the union’s concerns go beyond the delivery drivers.

A spokesperson for Pizza Delivery said the company has been making significant improvements to its delivery system over the past few years.

He said the new system has improved the safety of delivery drivers and their customers and that the company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of customer service.

Pizza Delivery Canada declined to comment.

CBC News obtained a copy of the contract signed by Wilson and the union, but the company said the agreement does not include wage, benefits or other details that the union wants.

B.C.’s Labour Relations Board ruled in October that the delivery workers’ union had failed to meet its obligations to the union under the collective agreement, the Local Union Agreement, and that it breached the agreement’s conditions.

In a ruling last month, the board found that Wilson had breached the union agreement by not ensuring that all the workers were paid a living wage.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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