A pizza is just a piece of pizza

If you thought the pizza industry is dying, think again.

In a new study, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found that it’s actually a thriving business in the United States.

Their findings show that the pizza pie is becoming the cornerstone of the American diet.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the pizza company’s pie-making operation has seen a nearly 100 percent increase in sales since 2009.

In fact, the pie is so popular that it has even been dubbed the “most successful pie in America.”

What is a pizza?

The pizza industry refers to a slice of crust made from three ingredients: bread, milk, and cheese.

For most of history, the dough was made from wheat flour.

In recent years, a number of new, cheaper ingredients have been added to the recipe, including yeast, sugar, and salt.

These ingredients have made the dough much easier to work with and, according to the Post-GG, “generally more versatile.”

The pizza pie, which is made by heating water in a pizza pan to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, is one of the fastest growing foods in the U.S. According the researchers, in 2014, pizza sales increased by 40 percent to more than $100 billion.

Pizza pie, pizza pie in the US, pizza in the world According to research by the pizza-focused marketing firm BrandZ, pizza pies accounted for nearly half of the overall sales of the U:S.

market in 2015.

That’s a lot of pizza pie to come from a single pie!

And if you’re looking for something that’s more expensive than the average pizza, you’re going to have to be patient.

According for BrandZ’s 2016 study, Americans spend more on pizza than almost any other consumer product.


to BrandZ: Pizza and pizza topping consumption, $1.6 trillion annually.

And as a percentage of total U.s. sales, that was up from $1 billion in 2000.

BrandZ said that the pie pie market is a “major driver” of overall consumer spending.

According, the market has grown by 20 percent annually for the last decade.

“Pizza, pizza, and pizza pie,” the researchers say.

“These are two of the most popular American foods.”

In fact: In the U.: The pie pie industry is worth $20 billion, and according to Brandz, pizza’s market share is more than 40 percent.

According BrandZ the pie industry will grow by 25 percent over the next decade.

That means that by 2020, the U pie pie pie will have a market value of $70 billion.

But the pie in your hand isn’t the only thing you’ll be eating.

According with BrandZ Pizza pie sales are up 21 percent this year, and the pie market has also grown by 16 percent.

The pizza in your pocket is going to be an important part of your diet.

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